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…Lifetime Value for your Services Business…

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  1. JOn Burg says:

    As an occasional second tier gatekeeper in my professional career, I would add “understanding” to your list. Even after you get past the first tier of gatekeepers (our noble admins), you’ll often have go through a secondary or tertiary tier before being granted open door access to meet with any of the people you’re probably trying to get through to.

    The #1 thing I look for in a solution provider is understanding not only their own offering (many do not) but an understanding of both my needs as a client and their overall competitive landscape. If you don’t know at least as much about your competition and where you will fit in within a marketing mix – as I do (and that doesn’t always set as high a bar as I would like), you shouldn’t be selling.

    In addition to the spot on steps provided in the post below, I would take a serious look at your own knowledge of the industry. If you’re selling a solution, you had better understand why and how your product is the best offering on the market for me.

    It’s really not hard, just read the industry blogs, stay current. It takes roughly 45 minutes a day, and will make all the difference when it comes to not only getting through the door but making that sale.

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